Feb. 10, 2018, Saturday 
10:00am-6:00pm,Luther Jackson Middle School,FREE Admission,See Detail

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Highlights for 2017 New Year Festival (Video)
標題 Title YouTube Link
印度舞 Indian Dance Indian Dance
法轮功功法演示 Falun Gong Demo Falun Gong Demo
古筝独奏 Gu Zheng Gu Zheng
手绢舞 Handkerchief Dance Handkerchief Dance
金鱼舞 Goldfidh Dance Goldfidh Dance
印度尼西亚 舞 Indonesian Dance Indonesian Dance
南美排箫 演奏 Zampona and Quena Instrument Zampona and Quena Instrument
采茶舞 Dance of Picking Tea Dance of Picking Tea
泰国舞 Thailand Dance Thailand Dance
跆拳道 Taekwondo Taekwondo
水袖舞 Water Sleeves Fairy Water Sleeves Fairy
印度舞 2 Indian Dance 2 Indian Dance 2
古诗背诵 Reciting Poem Reciting Poem
政要祝词 VIP Greetings VIP Greetings
国会议员 Connolly 和 参议员Mark Warner 代表 祝词 Greetings from Congressman Connolly and Representative of Senator Mark Warner Greetings from Congressman Connolly and Representative of Senator Mark Warner
Enjoy Asian Culture at Chinese New Year Festival
Just when we thought holiday season was coming to a close, the Chinese New Year celebration begins with the biggest indoor Asian festival in Northern Virginia on Feb. 10 Saturday.

Every year, Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church hosts the biggest indoor festival in the city to ring in the Lunar New Year. There will be dance and musical performances from China, Vietnam, Korea, India, to name a few, along with lion dances and the lively Dragon Parade. Children are encouraged to wear something Asian and follow the dragon as it parades throughout the school

2018 is year of Dog

VIP Greeting Lettters

Greeting Letter from Congressman Gerald Connolly

Greeting Letter from Congresswoman Barbara Comstock

Highlights for 2015 New Year Festival (Video)
標題 Title YouTube Link
2015 新年歡慶 (視頻速寫) 2015 New Year Festival Video highlights 2015 New Year Festival Video highlights
草原牧歌 Prairie Pastoral http://youtu.be/i1jqpHIbTsc
水袖舞 Water Sleeve Fairy http://youtu.be/T4OXJo3trZs
民歌 Folk Songs http://youtu.be/O5jx_Pkrmo4
泰国舞 Thailand Dance http://youtu.be/YWmZTlEiFxw
舞獅 Lion Dance http://youtu.be/2pZw7KNm4Mc
武術 Martial Arts http://youtu.be/Fx9A3cOP5pw
印度舞 India Dance http://youtu.be/vy_qGc2siW4
民歌 2 Folk Songs 2 http://youtu.be/OzHCtOLHu3A
韓國舞 Korean Dance http://youtu.be/7LlK0jSJK88
天韻漢服秀 Han Couture Show http://youtu.be/-qxIVCWF31E
越南舞 Vietnam Dance http://youtu.be/lo9QwGq55T0
VIP 致词 VIP Greetings http://youtu.be/iM5IjpMGmXo
舞龙 Drangon Dance http://youtu.be/NOCMjJZqOCI
古筝 Chinese Zither http://youtu.be/hRqIgJq25yQ
蓮花舞 Chinese Lotus Dance http://youtu.be/fsDDDA1y_T8
宝剑雄姿 Majestic Sward http://youtu.be/fJZevZwHiIc
梅花迎春 Plum Blossom Celebrate Spring http://youtu.be/4UIUCmk45uo
Highlights for 2014 New Year Festival (Video)
標題 Title YouTube Link
新年歡慶 (視頻速寫) New Year Festival Video highlights New Year Festival Video highlights
社區領袖祝賀發言 Community VIP Greetings and Speaks http://youtu.be/a-aI6jmK4f0
舞龍 Dragon Dance http://youtu.be/dthUJ-_L7a4
民歌串燒 Folk Songs http://youtu.be/WT1_OdqA6bg
舞獅 Lion Dance http://youtu.be/ei6_tN3hu3E
二胡獨奏1 Erhu Solo 1 http://youtu.be/b6qIQRfNrLA
印尼舞 Indonesia Dance http://youtu.be/T0srY8R3r-s
古筝 GuZheng http://youtu.be/eupa_9NIzDE
蓮花舞 Chinese Lotus Dance http://youtu.be/ukGypUtKiJ0
蒙古舞 Mongolian Dance http://youtu.be/YJoUAKPKq0I
二胡獨奏2 Erhu Solo 2 http://youtu.be/EgMf9VTk2V0
韓國舞 Korean Dance http://youtu.be/-rrweq7xfiM
泰國舞 Thailand Lance http://youtu.be/OU1B2YgmaFw
天韻漢服秀 Han Couture Show http://youtu.be/XhDWQ7BC9rE
中國武術 Chinese Martial Arts http://youtu.be/1b1fp9bRTL8
印度舞 India Dance http://youtu.be/XT-bmg-pIYo
舞蹈-月光下的鳳尾竹 Peacock Dance http://youtu.be/NypQxhPe3Zg
手絹舞 Hankerchief Dance http://youtu.be/58Bdg1Q8rjA
中国舞基本功表演 Classical Chinese Dance Demo http://youtu.be/WWg6YjqAJHw
功法表演 Meditation Demo http://youtu.be/etIZRpnVf-g
民歌清唱 團圓酒 Chinse Folk Song http://youtu.be/M92qqzI-Tls

Festival Organizer