Feb. 10, 2018, Saturday 
10:00am-6:00pm,Luther Jackson Middle School,FREE Admission,See Detail

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Enjoy Asian Culture at Chinese New Year Festival
Just when we thought holiday season was coming to a close, the Chinese New Year celebration begins with the biggest indoor Asian festival in Northern Virginia on Feb. 10 Saturday.

Every year, Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church hosts the biggest indoor festival in the city to ring in the Lunar New Year. There will be dance and musical performances from China, Vietnam, Korea, India, to name a few, along with lion dances and the lively Dragon Parade. Children are encouraged to wear something Asian and follow the dragon as it parades throughout the school

2018 is year of Dog

Dog is one of the most loyal animals, but Dog is not good at express itself. Read the story of how Dog almost can’t be picket to be on the list of Chinese Zodiac sign.

The Dog and the Cat

The story goes that all the animals wanted to be a zodiac sign when the Jade Emperor decreed to select the twelve Chinese zodiac signs. According to the standard, however, only the animals helpful to human beings could be selected.

Therefore, all the animals came to the Jade Emperor to show their merits and prove that they were good assistants to human beings. Nevertheless, the origin of zodiac dog was related to the cat.

Legend goes that both the cat and the dog had a close relationship with humans. The cat thought the dog ate too much and slept in front of the door all day without any contribution while the dog thought the cat only ate the good food and did nothing but scaring the rat all day. They argued and asked the Jade Emperor to decide which side was right.

The Jade Emperor asked the dog: "how much do you eat for a meal?" The dog honestly replied: "I watch the door and guard the house every day, and I eat a bowl of food for a meal." Then, the Jade Emperor asked the cat: "what about you?" On a sudden inspiration, the cat said: "I can chant scriptures and catch rat and I eat every meal an oil lamp of food for a meal." The cat just wanted to tell the Jade Emperor tactfully that it not only ate an oil lamp of food, but also earned its own living by catching rat, so its contribution was bigger than the dog.

In selecting the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, however, the heavenly officers didn't follow the Jade Emperor's decree and they changed the rule: those first arrived animals would be the twelve Chinese zodiac signs.

The dog learned the news, so it came with the rooster to the Heavenly Palace when the cat was hiding away from it. The rooster flied to the front of the dog; the cat went out after the dog left and it learned that the dog had gone to the Heavenly Palace to participate in the competition of Chinese zodiac signs. So, the cat ran to the Heavenly Palace in a hurry and ranked after the rooster. Unexpectedly, the rat played a trick and hid in the ox's horn, thus ranked first among the animal signs while the cat had no chance. From then on, the cat hated the rat and killed rat whenever it found one. Although the honest dog was selected successfully, it never forgave the cat.


Children will enjoy a host of games, activities and Asian crafts. Kids will also receive a red envelope with “lucky money.” The event website (chinesenewyearfestival.org) has an ancient story about how the Rooster almost was not picked by the Jade Emperor to be on the list of Chinese zodiac signs. You can read the story to find out how he got there and why he angered the dog. The fun spirit of this story exemplifies the playfulness of this annual event. You might even get to meet a giant rooster!


Tiny Tang, the event organizer said, “Most Asian events have very little traditional performances. Our mission is to promote traditional culture and values. So, we have traditional performances from India, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Thailand, and Taiwan.” This year is the Year of the Dog. Tang explains, “We all know that Dog is very loyalty to human, So, this year the festival will be promoting “Loyalty.” Kids will also have a chance to wear an Asian costume and go on stage to recite ancient poetry. Tang said, “Poetry is so important to the Chinese people. In China, you will find couplets over the door upon entering every home.” Poems are on the event website. Handmade Asian arts, traditional Chinese dresses, calligraphy and crafts will also be available for purchase, including beautiful New Year paintings.


Tang wants to give back to the community by providing a forum to impart ancient Chinese wisdom on health, beauty, and wellness. Master Yau-Yau Lee, who has a Masters in Traditional Acupuncture and Bio-Pharmaceutics, will be available in the exhibit area to answer questions about individual health goals for 2018. Master Lee said, “Chinese medicine follows nature,” as he explained that we go to bed earlier in winter to shore up energy for Spring. We also look better when we have more energy. Master Lee said that in pregnancy, a woman may not have enough energy to nourish hair roots, causing hair to turn gray afterwards. Lifestyle changes could prevent adverse effects of pregnancy or other bodily challenges. Master Lee’s focus is on prevention and he does not claim to cure chronic illnesses. However, he helped a handful of cancer patients. Medical doctors have told these patients that they would die within months. But none of them died. Consultations with Master Lee will be free of charge during the festival. Beauty House will encourage you to do Asian facial by sponsor our event. More related local businesses will be available. Make the Year of the Dog a healthy and beautiful one!


Come for an early lunch! Admission is free. Cash will be needed to buy delicious gourmet Asian food.


EVENT: Chinese New Year Festival
TIME: Saturday Feb. 10 from 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m
LOCATION: Luther Jackson Middle School, 3020 Gallows Rd., Falls Church, VA
WEBSITE: www.chinesenewyearfestival.org
CONTACT: (703) 868-1509


Festival Organizer