Feb. 10, 2018, Saturday 
10:00am-6:00pm,Luther Jackson Middle School,FREE Admission,See Detail

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Invitation!! Show off your Chinese on stage

On behalf of the Chinese New Year Festival team, I am pleased to extend a special invitation for All students age 12 and under to play an active role in our 11th year Anniversary Celebration on Feb. 10th.    Every year, we have an exciting Dragon Parade, lion dances and performances from Korea, India, Thailand, China and Vietnam, along with many children’s games, crafts and delicious Asian foods.  But this year, we invite you to take the stage: reciting two ancient Chinese Poems


Registration is divided into two groups: non-native Chinese speakers and native Chinese speakers.  The twelve most fluent students for each group will be selected to recite the poem together on stage and receive a prize for participation. Registration process:


1 Please fill in the Registration Form
2 Please send in a recording video of these two Chinese poem by youtube link:

for Non-native Chinese Speakers:



Native Chinese Speakers:



Additionally, we will have a beautiful presentation on traditional Chinese culture that you will find both surprising and delightful.   This is a great educational opportunity for children and adults alike.


We expect you and your children would fully enjoy this opportunity to ring in The Year of the Dog.   




P.S. We provide the audio link to the Chinese poem for you. Registration form to follow.


Festival Organizer